Progress Report #2

1. What did you accomplish last week?

I started writing my chapters of eating and resources. I also did some more design work for different chapters. I made an illustration for the chapter on “hobo code” of a sampling of some of the different hobo symbols that have been used. I feel like I overcame my writer’s block to an extent.
2. What are your goals for next week?

I’m a little bit confused about when this is due. The class calendar says it is due next week. I’m pretty sure this is incorrect. I hope to have at least started all of my chapters by next week. I’m sure I can design the title pages for each chapter, but I’d also like to have a bit of writing done for each one, as well as some illustrations. This way, the next week, I’ll just have to add finishing touches.

3. What’s going well?

I really like the way the book looks. I also finally figured out sort of what I am trying to advocate with this, so writing is easier than it was last week. I think I was sort of limiting myself before by sticking to only old-timey hobo information, but now I am really writing more about techniques for surviving living in this modern depression and sort of loosely comparing them to depression era hobos.
4. What’s not going well?

I am sort of concerned about the length. I don’t think I can make this as long as I want it to be in the time allotted.  I need to either drop chapters or make each chapter really short. Maybe you guys have an idea of which would be a better idea?
5. What help do you need from classmates and the instructor?

I need a term for non-hobos. I want it to describe people who:

a) have homes

b) are reckless consumers who are destroying the world with their thoughtlessness

…but is also sort of sarcastic since I am one of the above people

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