Progress Report

1. What did you accomplish last week?

I didn’t accomplish anything in the last week for this project, since you canceled class. The week before last, I figured out the general layout for my book. I completed a layout for the cover, the table of contents, and a sample chapter.

2. What are your goals for next week?

My goals for next week are to complete the illustration for the cover, the disclaimer text for the back of the book, and at least one complete chapter with both words and images. I would also like to gather some additional photographs, since I don’t have sufficient photographs for the entire book at this point.

3. What’s going well?

I like the look of the cover of the book and my general layout. I also have a lot of ideas for illustrations. I’m trying to finish my final project for my other class early, so I can focus more on this project, since it is more time consuming.

4. What’s not going well?

I am sort of having writer’s block. Getting actual words into the book has been nearly impossible for me. I’m trying not to worry about it and just get what I can do done. I figure it will come to me eventually. In the mean time I can work on design and layout stuff.

I really don’t know what font to use. I don’t really care about the font of the main text, but the cover and headings I think should be something neat, and I’m not sure what looks good or what is lame.

I’m also having a hard time juggling this final project and my final project for my other class.

5. What help do you need from classmates and the instructor?

If anybody knows a lot about fonts, I would love some advice in that area. I am also glad we are showing our projects in class, so I can get a critique of my layout from people who know more about this sort of thing.

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